Package of four group lessons: 

The cost of the package of four lessons is $180.00, that includes a 10% discount for purchasing four lessons in advance. The lesson is one hour, this includes 15 minutes of grooming and tacking up of the horse, 30 minutes of riding, and 15 minutes of untacking and grooming of the horse. 


Package of four little breeches lessons: 

The purchase price of four little breches lessons is $100.00. These lessons are specifically for students five years and younger. These lessons include, 10 minutes of grooming and tacking of the horse, 15 minutes of riding and 5 minutes of untacking, the students are always more than welcome to hang out at the barn and play in our play area, we feel that the more exposure and more time spent at the barn is better for a youngster just starting out. 


Package of four Saturday sessions: 

The purchase price for a package of four Saturday sessions is $240.00. This includes... Four hours at the barn, a 30 minute riding lesson, tacking and untacking of the horse, assisting with barn chores, and a session of pony school at the end of the day. Pony school is a 30 minute educational seminar hosted by the instructor to help students learn all about horses as well as the care aspect of owning a horse.