Sarabande Riding Academy

Tucson / arizona

Sarabande Riding Academy

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Sarabande Riding Club has a unique focus on building a relationship between horse and rider through hands-on horsemanship. At the beginning of the lesson the student will groom and tack up their own horse, this is something we felt was missing in the equine profession, the relationship between horse and rider.  Riders of all ages come to Sarabande to experience what it takes to own and care for a horse. 

Sarabande is unique in that we create a place where students have an opportunity to share their goals with their instructor and develop and individualized program per the students wants and needs.  

At Sarabande, we create a safe environment for our students to learn and thrive by doing and experiencing. We specialize in Saddleseat and Huntseat Equitation as well as showmanship.

In addition to lessons, we offer several specialized camp opportunities throughout the year, as well as multiple sessions of summer camp.

6405 West Ina Road Tucson AZ, 85743